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A day. [06 Mar 2009|03:34pm]
Yesterday I woke up, ate cereal, wrote six pages about Alice Walker, Annie Ernaux and Lynda Schor, went to my Mothering class, then went to my Caribbean Lit. class, then went to the construction site of the house my parents are building and picked up part of my drumkit.
Afterwards I drove to Brooklyn, parked near Dano's house and the two of us got a burrito at this trendy place in Greenpoint on Manhattan Ave. The girl that worked there looked like someone I know except totally covered in tattoos. She had a little prince tattoo (the boa constrictor digesting an elephant). She didn't like me and Dano. Then we went back to Dano's and ate and watched TV, which I wasn't too into at first but thirty rock is pretty chill. Konstantin was there and offered me some sick Ukranian pastries. Then Dano and I drove to the Sweatshop where we met up with Joe and Jessy. Then we had band practice for two hours. It went pretty well. The Vivian Girls were practicing in the room next to ours. They are babes. My new band is like d-beat hardcore punk. Then we went to the Second Chance Saloon where Colin Atrophy was DJ-ing. It is the punkest bar ever. The bassist from the Casualties was playing an arcade game when we walked in. I had a ginger ale. We had a band pow-ow to figure out what to call our band. We didn't make a decision. Bummer. I hung out at the bar for a bit with the kids, listening to Zounds, Municipal Waste and the Smiths. Then I drove across the Willy B, dipped into Chinatown, picked up Pasternack and we drove up to his dorm listening to some minimalist Piano music on NPR. It was like 230. We pulled over on 9th Ave and Ben went into a deli to get me a water and a snack. He got me Fiji and some chocolate covered pretzels. I then took 36th to the midtown tunnel, got on the LIE and the Northern State and came home at 330 and went to bed.
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[20 Dec 2008|08:26pm]
I love the "then and now" of French screen actor Jean-Pierre Leaud.



Also, Chantal Goya from the first photo is such a heartbreaker.
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[22 Jul 2008|11:00pm]
Today was my last day of tutoring for the summer. For readers who don't know, I've been working at my school as a writing tutor for a year and have been putting in some hours over the summer. I was SO BUMMED at the end of today. All my tutees this week have been fucking incredible and being able to help them with their writing is one of the few things that make me feel like a flawed pseudo-wannabe misanthropist as opposed to a die-hard misanthropist. Written discourse can save someone from the brink of distruction. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! must keep writing. bllllllllaaaaaarrrrrrrGGGGGGGGGGG.
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[08 Jul 2008|10:14am]
Fuck! When I got my paycheck yesterday I noticed that they started TAXING me! The State of New York took twenty dollars away from me, two hours of work or two tutoring sessions. What the fuck! The fruits of my labor suffice to produce a single bullet that could potentially blast open the skull of a child in Iraq. That is so gross that I actually demanded an explanation. How can I be taxed if Imake only a hundred dollars a week, don't have any kids and live off of my parents? I took it up with Human Resources and they actually gave me attitude. ARGH, beureaucrats! ARGH, the military! ARGH, I'm PISSED.
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[29 Jun 2008|07:41pm]
Fuck yeah! I made VEGAN chicken fingers today FROM SCRATCH. Take that, America!
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[27 Jun 2008|08:08pm]

this is what my brain feels like right now. sllllllllllllllargggggggggggggg.
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[22 Jun 2008|09:25pm]
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[20 Jun 2008|04:19pm]
tonight will hopefully involve this:

and this:

fuck it!
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[25 May 2008|11:01am]

From Boswell's *The Life of Samuel Johnson L.L.D.*, 1791

"He mentioned to me now, for the first time, that he had been distressed by melancholy, and for that reason had been obliged to fly from study and meditation, to the dissipating variety of life. Against melancholy he recommended constant occupation of mind, a great deal of exercise, moderation in eating and drinking, and especially to shun drinking at night. He said melancholy people were apt to fly from intemperance for relief, but that it sunk them much deeper in misery. He observed that labouring men who work hard, and live sparingly, are seldom or never troubled with low spirits."

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[17 May 2008|11:02am]
A bit of a stretch but these are fun


Gender: boy i'm gonna set you on fire if you say another fucking word
Attitude: bruce springsteen needs the workers but the workers don't need bruce springsteen
Where I live: communitea
Current emotional status: adolthood

Where I want to live: squat the woods
How I live: no loafin'
Current/last partner: baby i dont wanna make out i just wanna circle pit
Describe your friends: Punx and Skinz Lets Unite Them Put Them On a Boat Send Them Off To Sea and Sink Those Fuckers
What I wish for: nine hundred samosas
What I enjoy: chinese restaurant mosh pit
Last Words: bikes not bush!

note that these are all real song titles
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[04 May 2008|06:29pm]
I just finished *Apex Hides the Hurt*, a novel by Colson Whitehead. I need to write a paper on it for Tuesday. I was just looking at his website and I happened upon a passage from his collection of essays *The Colossus of New York*. Check this line, it's so DEAD on:

"You are a New Yorker when what was there before is more real and solid than what is here now"

Dead. Fucking. On.
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[20 Apr 2008|09:43pm]
Does anyone remember surveys?Collapse )
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[28 Mar 2008|01:07pm]
It is safe to say that Leo Tolstoy is more famous for his lengthy novels than his writings on spirituality, religion and government. Often considered a christian anarchist, Tolstoy, in the years preceding his death, published essays about non-violence/pacifism, vegetarianism and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Yes, Leo Tolstoy was straight edge! Here's a link to prove it:

Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves?
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[08 Feb 2008|04:06pm]
[ mood | gluttonous ]

Today for lunch my mom and I went to this Italian/fusion restaurant in the nearby town of Port Jefferson, NY. The dessert I had was out of control. It was two scoops of malted milk ball flavor home made gelato with actual maltesers in it served in a fucking wafer bowl that you could eat, with whipped cream and some mint leaves and strawberries. In-sane experience and apparently this place has a different flavor of gelato every day. Cool!

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[28 Jan 2008|08:34pm]
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If you can believe it [17 Jan 2008|12:22pm]
christmas day, 2004
L to R: Jason Rigas, Thanos Rigas and Basil Rigas
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I'm on the radio tonight! [12 Dec 2007|09:26pm]
Tonight! I'm doing a set of greek punk on bard college radio's well dressed music for well dressed punx, hosted by max and dan. 12AM. you can listen online at wxbc.bard.edu woot!
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i'm selling my cycling shoes [05 Dec 2007|08:41pm]
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rocknthevote [07 Nov 2007|10:25pm]
Yesterday I voted. It was quite an ordeal. A couple of months ago in the library, an enthusiastic undergrad made eye contact with me, took out a clipboard and asked me "are you registered to vote?!". I said that I wasn't. He handed me the clipboard and a pen and said that it wouldn't take long. I was reluctant to put my name down. Last year I was really anti-election and refused to vote and I really liked not voting. People change. I still wasnt stoked about it. I got a letter in the mail telling me where to go to vote. When I got home from school last night, I talked on the phone for a bit, listened to the new LBAL 12" EP (mind-blowing!), and got on my bike. If I'm going to vote I might as well freak out the retiree volunteers by showing up on two wheels right? Wrong. I left my house only to discover that I couldn't see anything even with my two lights. It felt as if I was pedaling in my cold room trying to fall asleep after turning the lights off. Scary. I didn't want to run over a racoon or crash into a deer so I went back home and got the honda. I still didn't want to kill any animals so I drove like 19mph. To make a long story short (who could possibly still be reading?) I parked at the library cause I couldn't find 95 main street in the tiny town of setauket, NY where there is nothing except a library and a post office. I walked around, got lost, went back to the library and a librarian told me to go to the elementary school which is on main street. great. I showed up and they had no idea who I was. They told me to go up mainstreet and make a left: People from my neighborhood vote in a house across the street from the pond. What? I'm voting at some dudes house? Will I have to awkwardly turn down a beer? Will I accidentally step on a replacements album and have to gun it? Not exactly, It's this 400 year old house turned community center. The people who were in there were just as old as the house, if not older. I was HANDS DOWN the youngest person there. I was so young that when I walked in the volunteers started talking about why kids don't vote. I immediately thought of P. Diddy. Anyway I went into the booth and it was kinda fun. I expected it to look a little different. Maybe I was a little disappointed. It was confusing. I have no idea whom I voted for. I think I voted for the Justice For All party and the Working Families party. That was kinda cool. It's weird to think that my clueless vote determines whether somebody has a party later in the evening or just goes home and cries. Voting might actually be a huge responsibility and if I do it again I have to do my homework.
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[04 Aug 2007|10:50pm]
Today I'm feeling a little bit better than I usually do; thus, I'm in a unique position to add the RAMONES-CORE genre to my list of favorite genres. I'm also really missing my dad's '99 Toyota Camry (beige). I wish we hadn't sold it. Also, I'm never going to a barber shop again (unless it's the one I went to when I still lived in 914). Next time, I'll getting one of y'all to cut my hair.
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